Things to Be Thankful For

Things to Be Thankful For

Thanksgiving is this month! Thanksgiving is not just a holiday dedicated to eating lots of food, it is about being grateful for what we have. To help you develop a spirit of thankfulness, the Canterbury Court Blog is sharing some reminders for a few things you can express gratitude for.


Be Thankful to be Alive

The gift of life is huge, but it is something that can be so easily taken for granted. Be glad you woke up this morning and that you have the opportunity to live on this incredible and beautiful planet.


Be Thankful for the Chance to Learn from Mistakes

One inescapable part of being human is the fact that we are flawed. We mess up and make mistakes, but we have the opportunity to learn important lessons from those mistakes! Strive to be thankful for the learning opportunities brought by mistakes, instead of getting down on yourself for messing up.


Be Thankful You Can Read

If you are reading this, take a moment to be thankful that you can read! Being able to read is such a benefit and blessing that we don’t often think much about. Some people never learn how to read and therefore miss out on so many learning opportunities.


Be Thankful You have a Home

Shelter is one of our basic needs, but some people don’t even have a place to call home or a roof over your head. Be thankful for your apartment and that you have a place you can call home.


What are you thankful for? Take some time this month to reflect on all the many things in your life you have to be grateful for. We hope you enjoyed this post and have a wonderful Thanksgiving and happy holidays in Philadelphia, PA, or wherever you may be celebrating the holidays this year.